Sunday, October 28, 2012

neon everything

Karen Walker sunglasses, L.L. Bean top, Urban Outfitters leather contrast denim jacket, Flying Tomato clutch, Zara sandals

Words cannot express how grateful I am for the few readers I have out there checking my blog out already!  So exciting when I get new comments. :)  A big thank you and welcome to whoever is reading this! <3

  These were taken a few days back when it was a little more chilly in LA.  Right now it's in the 90's again -- I can't get used to LA's schizophrenic weather this year!  I bought these Zara sandals a while back and I just can't stop wearing these bright neon babies.


  1. Beautiful garments!

    Xx Crystal

  2. love your shoes !!

  3. I think this is your best post! I really like it and the shoes are to die for!

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