Sunday, December 2, 2012

Helmut + McQueen

 Helmut Lang asymmetric dress, By Corpus jacket, Alexander McQueen scarf, Balenciaga bag, Hermes bracelets, CC Skye bracelet

It's been raining all day today in LA.  These pictures were taken a few days ago when we had some sun shining through and the weather was definitely warmer.  I've been bundling up with scarves and coats to keep warm, I'm really getting used to the season change, but looking at these pictures, I miss the golden sunset and fallen leaves.

 What do you think about this look?  It's another one of my favorite outfits.  I wore this Helmut Lang dress all summer long with and without a jacket.


  1. That dress is the perfect mix of slouch and form all at once. I love how you've styled it with the jacket to give it more structure.

  2. amazing blog with amazing outfits, so i following you ;))