Friday, December 7, 2012

stripe me in

Zara tee, BDG shorts, Zara blazer and scarf, Balenciaga bag, La Mer watch, Hermes bracelet, Steve Madden shoes

Happy Friday!  Do you have anything planned for the weekend?  This is actually the last weekend of 2012 where I can really relax and rest my body, because starting next weekend, I will be super busy with trips and events I have to attend to!  I've been online shopping like there's no tomorrow, so that I have plenty to wear during my trips.  (say, compulsive shopping?)  I just couldn't resist the urge! Are you with me, shopaholics?


  1. i like scarf

  2. loving this outfit! that blazer is gorgeous! :)

  3. So beautiful babe!! Love how you combined all of these pieces together! Great to see a fellow los angeles blogger :) ! XX


  4. you look so stylish!!!
    love the outfit!

    following you now)

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