Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stare into my eyes

Topshop x Emma Cook sweater, Uniqlo coat, Zara blouse, J Brand jeans, Balenciaga bag, Converse sneakers

I bring to you one of my favorite coat looks!  This awesome coat I'm wearing here was on sale at Uniqlo during my trip in New York.  I just LOVE this menswear-inspired silhouette -- it's oversized and super lightweight!  It's a great coat to throw on when you're bored of your annual parka or peacoat. 

Oh, and another thing about me: I am definitely a sneakers type of girl when it comes to comfortable shoes.  I repeatedly buy and wear my Converse sneakers until they wear out.  Some of my shoes are definitely NOT made for walking, so I often pack a backup pair of Converse sneakers with me, in my car or in my bag.  I love how it adds some spunk into my outfits. :)


  1. Nice coat! Great pastel colors! :)

  2. Great outfit!
    I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award!:)I really liked your style and your blog really looks great so that's why:)
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